Alliance Cup

Texas Star GC - Euless
April 28, 2015

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The Alliance Campaign and its annual fundraiser, the Alliance Cup Tournament, were initiated in 2007 to ensure that our dreams can be accomplished. The need today is as great as it was when we began. Quite simply, WTGA Scholarships and Junior Golf Initiatives are totally funded by and dependent upon the Alliance Campaign and Alliance Cup. Today’s WTGA leadership supports and directs a growing staff and exciting programs designed to ensure that the next generation will benefit from and love the Game as much as we do. Our Winners’ Program touches hundreds of girls throughout the state with rewards for good grades and golf achievement. Girls in the program can apply for scholarship money which is held in escrow while they participate in golf and earn their high school diploma. Girls in each of our participating cities are also given the opportunity to win technology rewards ranging from laptop computers to Kindle Readers. To further encourage good grades, the city with the best participation in this technology contest is awarded the traveling Toni Wiesner Cup. In addition to the Winners’ Program, the WTGA awards two significant college scholarships each year and supports the Junior Girls Travel Fund. Since 2007, over $100,000 has been directed to this stable of programs. There are various levels of participation - visit the website link for more information.