Signing up:

 Playday evites are sent approximately one week before play - RSVP only if playing.  Some fields are limited in number and are decided via blind draw.  Pay in the Pro Shop unless otherwise directed. Plan to arrive 30 minutes ahead of tee time to warm up and check in.   If you want to participate in the daily skins game, please bring $3.00 cash and put in envelope provided at check in. 

 A Board member may be paired with each group to help answer questions about the course and pace of play.   Some events are tee times while others are shotgun starts - time of event will be indicated on the evite.  Tee times will be sent via email by the host club representative one or two days prior to play. 

 Write starting and finishing times on scorecard.   Be sure to have scorecards signed and attested before submitting. 

Give Back:   We try to give back to playday clubs by staying for lunch following play.   Upon completion of play report to playday representative in the lunch area. One player from each group will need to record
all scores, hole by hole, and total, on the results sheet for all players in their group.  Please show appreciation for the playday representative who scheduled the playday - Don't forget to have two signatures on the scorecard!   

Please refer to the course rating listed with the PLAYDAY CLUBS. Course ratings can also be found on the web at the Texas Golf Association site. 

 It is vital that LAGA members attend as many playday events as possible. Please come out and support LAGA. 

 Please call or email the playday representative if you have any suggestions or comments. 

For ALL PLAYDAYS in 2021 the LAGA Board will institute a local rule stating that distance-measuring devices can be used, HOWEVER, if you have a device that measures anything other than distance, it will be considered illegal and the playday score will not count. 

You must record all playday scores in a timely manner in the GHIN system using ESC; do not record as a tournament round. 

 Game of the Day:  Each playday there will be a special game of the day that will be stated on the notice to competitors.  Winners will depend on size of field and will be awarded PGA Superstore gift cards. 

REMEMBER, golf is a game that we are playing to have fun and enjoy each other's company!!!