Article VII - Texas Cup


Section 1. Participation
A woman who has been a resident of Texas for at least 180 days prior to the open qualifying date of Texas Cup, who lives in the North Texas Section of the State per the Texas Cup boundaries, who maintains a handicap index of 10.4 or less and who is not currently on a high school or collegiate golf team or of professional status is eligible to qualify for the North Texas Cup Team. Players may qualify to participate in Texas Cup by either of the following two methods: 1) LAGA Rankings, or 2)Open Qualifying. The rules regarding each method are outlined below. There are twelve positions to be filled on the Texas Cup Team. Participation in Texas Cup and Texas Cup Open Qualifying will be subject to approval by the LAGA Board of Directors.

Section 2. LAGA Rankings
The first six positions for the Texas Cup Team will be determined by LAGA Rankings. To be ranked, each player must have at least six eligible scores that are posted with the current webmaster of LAGA during the qualifying period. The eligible scores are ranked according to the stroke differential. Eligible scores, the qualifying period, and stroke differential are defined below.

Section 2a. Eligible Scores
Eligible scores are a combination of any of the following:
1) LAGA playday scores, 2) WTGA State Amateur qualifying scores and WTGA Senior Stroke Play scores and 3) National tournament scores including USGA local and sectional qualifying events as well as qualifying rounds or stroke play rounds at the tournament proper; and qualifying rounds and stroke play rounds of any
tournament included in the Golfweek Women's Amateur Rankings excluding collegiate tournaments. (ex: Southern Amateur, Trans-National Amateur, North South Amateur, Southern Senior, North South Senior) and 4)State Opens stroke play scores, (ex: Texas Women's Open). Each player must turn in attested scorecards to the current webmaster of LAGA from eligible rounds by the qualifying period deadline.

Section 2b. Qualifying Period
The qualifying period shall include rounds from the first Playday date and an ending cutoff date prior to the Texas Cup Open Qualifying Date. The ending cutoff date will be determined by the Board and communicated to the General Membership by email, and set no later than two weeks before the Open Qualifying date. The cutoff date will change from year to year (since the Texas Cup dates change from year to year), and will be determined by attempting to give members the most opportunities possible to establish four low qualifying scores before the Texas Cup Open Qualifying date.

Section 2c. Stroke Differential
Stroke differential is defined as the difference between the number of strokes taken and the USGA course rating. For example, if your score is 79 and the USGA Course Rating is 73.4, this yields a stroke differential of 5.6. Ties will be broken by comparing the differentials from each player's most difficult course rating. If this still results in a tie, successively less difficult course ratings will be used until all ties are broken.

Section 2d. Replacements
In the event that any player who qualifies for the Texas

Cup by the LAGA rankings system for one of the first six positions of the Texas Cup Team must withdraw before the Texas Cup begins, that team member position will be filled with the seventh position from the LAGA rankings. A second withdrawal will be filled by the eighth position, and so on. In summary, the first six positions will ultimately be filled only by LAGA rankings.

Section 3. Open Qualifying
The second six players for the Texas Cup Team will be determined by an Open Qualifying tournament which requires an entry fee and will be held on the date selected by the Texas Cup Chairman. Players who wish to compete in the 36 hole tournament must register with the Texas Cup Chairman by the published deadline. The field will be open to a predetermined number of players to be set by the host golf course. If more than the predetermined number of players sign up for the open qualifying, then lowest handicaps will compete. The Texas Cup Chairman will serve as the 36 hole Tournament Chairman. Sudden Death will apply in case of ties for the six positions. Sudden death will also apply in case of ties to determine alternate positions.

Section 3a. Alternates
In the event that any player who has qualified by the Open Qualifying for one of the second six positions of the Texas Cup Team must withdraw before the Texas Cup begins, the replacement position will be determined beginning with the first alternate position from the 36 hole qualifier and continue down the alternate list in numerical order to fill the second six position on the Texas Cup Team. In summary, the second six positions will ultimately be filled only by players from the open qualifying event.