Q. What are the handicap requirements?

A. Any female amateur golfer who maintains a verifiable GHIN index of 10.4 or less is eligible to become a member of LAGA.  

Q. What are the Annual Dues?

A. As of 2021, annual dues are $75.00.

Q. How often does LAGA play?

A. The typical season runs from April to September, with at least one play day per week.

Q. What happens if my handicap goes above 10.4 during the season?

A. Should a player's handicap go above 10.4 during a LAGA season, the player must voluntarily withhold from play    until their handicap goes back to 10.4 or below.

Q. What does it cost to play each course?

A. Most play-day clubs charge cart fee only, although some clubs charge a small guest fee. 

Q. How do I sign up for a play day?

A. You will receive an Evite in advance of every play day. This will show costs, yardage and tee times.