Q. What happens if my handicap goes above 10.4 during the season?
A. Should a player's handicap go above 10.4 during a LAGA season, the player must voluntarily withhold from play    until their handicap goes back to 10.4 or below.

Q. What are the costs to play member courses?
A. Most playday clubs charge only a cart fee. Some clubs charge a small guest fee - Costs are posted in the play       day calendar. Some courses can charge back to a members home course, others can bill a credit card.

Q. If I am having a bad round, can I pick up?
A. It would always be preferable for a player to complete each round, however if a player picks up during a hole,         they become ineligible for any play day prizes and that score will not count toward Texas Cup qualifying. When that score is posted the player will record an X and must post that score for handicap purposes with her               appropriate ESC maximum.