Article I – Name 

The name of the Corporation is Ladies Amateur Golf Association “LAGA.

Article II – Purpose

The purpose of the corporation is to provide an organized opportunity for all lower handicap female golfers to play together on a regular basis in order to experience the true interest and spirit of the game of golf. Through friendly competition, LAGA members can improve their golf skills and mental management of the game and become more knowledgeable of the rules of golf and proper golf etiquette.

Article III – Membership

Section 1. Any female amateur golfer who maintains a handicap index of 10.4 or less is eligible to become a member of LAGA. Additionally, any member who has completed the previous LAGA season in good standing with a handicap index of 10.4 or less may rejoin the following year. If a rejoining member's handicap index rises above 10.4 during the off season, she shall have 30 days from opening day to reestablish a 10.4 index or less. If a rejoining member fails to attain the required handicap index during this time period, she shall abstain from play with LAGA until her handicap index returns to 10.4 or less. Players must submit a signed verification of handicap attested by a Class A PGA golf professional or provide her GHIN number upon joining and at the beginning of each year thereafter.

Section 2Membership shall be granted upon approval by the LAGA Board of Directors. Upon the payment of annual dues, the member will establish voting rights.

Section 3. If at any time a member’s handicap index goes above 10.4, she must voluntarily abstain from play with LAGA until her handicap index returns to 10.4 or less. The Board reserves the right to ask any member to submit verification of current handicap.

Section 4Each LAGA member is expected to conduct herself both on and off the course in a manner representative of the true interest and spirit of the game of golf and in accordance with the by-laws of this organization. Noncompliance by any individual may subject her to loss of membership.

Section 5. An annual fee, as set by the Board of Directors shall be required for membership and shall be remitted to the Treasurer each year prior to participating in any play with LAGA.

Section 6A prospective member may play as a guest, space available, one time only per year, excluding Guest Days, but she is not eligible to receive playday prizes.

Section 7. A professional woman golfer may play as a guest, space available, one time only per year, excluding Guest Days, but she is not eligible to receive playday prizes.

Section 8. A professional woman golfer, college student or high school student may join LAGA under the classification of “Special Member” upon invitation by the Board of Directors. An annual fee, as set by the Board of Directors, will be required for membership. A “Special Member” may play on any scheduled playday provided she is not displacing a voting LAGA member. A “Special Member” is not eligible to receive playday prizes. She is a non-voting member, and as such, may not serve on a committee or the Board of Directors.

Article IV - Officers and election of Officers

Section 1. The officers of LAGA shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Playday Chairman, Public Relations Chairman, Texas Cup Tournament Chairman, Member at Large, and Parliamentarian. These officers shall constitute the Board of Directors.

Section 2. The Nominating Committee shall consist of five members. Two members shall be chosen from the Board of Directors. Two members shall be chosen from the general membership. The fifth member shall be the Parliamentarian, who shall act as Chairman.

The Nominating Committee shall be elected by November 1st. The Committee shall nominate candidates for the positions of President, Vice President and Texas Cup Chair by November 15th. The selected President must have served on the Board of Directors for a minimum of one year. The Texas Cup Chairman shall hold office for a two-year term, to be elected in odd years, and take office December 15th. The nominations shall be emailed to each LAGA member two weeks prior to the annual year-end Christmas party.

Section 3.

A. The Chairman of the Nominating Committee shall submit the candidates by email two weeks prior to the year-end Christmas party. The vote shall be taken by email responses.

BThe Member-at-Large shall be chosen by the President and should be someone who represents the whole organization. The President may choose more than one Member-at-Large.

C. The returned email responses from the membership will constitute a quorum.

Article V – Duties of Officers

Section 1. 
The LAGA Board of Directors shall manage the affairs and policies of the corporation subject to the by-laws.

Section 2. Officers

President – The President shall preside at all meetings of the LAGA and the Board of Directors, and she shall be the Chief Executive Officer being responsible for the general supervision of the affairs of the corporation. She shall appoint other standing committees as deemed necessary by the Board.

Vice President – The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in her absence. The Vice President shall assume the office of the presidency if the President is unable to fill her term. Additionally, the Vice President shall organize and chair the Challenge Cup in that she shall either captain or assign a captain, if necessary, to coordinate with the south team.

Secretary – The Secretary shall keep the records of the meetings of the corporation and of the Board of Directors and shall maintain the role of the membership and conduct necessary correspondence. The minutes of all previous meetings during her year in office will be available upon request.

Treasurer – The Treasurer shall prepare a budget for the fiscal year for the Board of Director’s approval based on the estimated income of the year and present same to the General Membership discussion at the first meeting. She shall collect and manage all monies out of the corporation and disburse them in accordance with board decisions and approved expenses. She shall maintain current financial records and shall make a report of the financial condition of the corporation at each meeting.

Playday Chairman – The Playday Chairman and her committee shall plan and arrange all weekly play, pairings and rules. She shall compute scores and determine winners. She shall be responsible for securing and awarding prizes. The Playday Chairman shall keep complete records of all playday events. She shall also be responsible for keeping track of standings towards qualification for the North Texas Cup team members.

Public Relations Chairman – The Public Relations Chairman shall coordinate all publicity to promote all LAGA activities. She shall be responsible for submitting playday results to area media. She shall work with the Texas Cup Tournament Chairman on publicity for the Texas Cup matches.

Statician/Website Coordinator — The statician/website coordinator will maintain a spreadsheet of all LAGA play days and eligible outside scores for Texas Cup Standings. they will work closely with the Play Day chairman to post results on the website in a timely manner. they will also assist in keeping the entire LAGA website current.

Texas Cup Tournament Chairman – The Texas Cup Chairman shall be in charge of all activities involved in Texas Cup and coordinate those activities with her Southern team counterpart. When the Texas Cup is located in the north, she and the President shall set the date and site. Further, she shall be in charge of all rules including marshalling. She shall submit a budget for the Board of Directors’ approval. She shall handle all financial arrangements with all sponsors. She shall be responsible for lodging, food and beverage arrangements, program, public relations, tee times, carts, and course layout with the golf professional staff.

Member-at-Large – The Member-at-Large shall be chosen by the President. She serves as the eyes, ears, and voice of the membership.

Parliamentarian – The Parliamentarian shall see that each meeting is conducted in accordance with parliamentary law.

Robert’s Rules of Order (revised) shall prevail, notwithstanding these By-Laws. This post shall be held by each previous year’s President.

Section 3. All Committee Chairmen shall be responsible to and regularly report their proposals to the LAGA Board of Directors for review.

Article VI – Rules of Play

Section 1. All playdays shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of the USGA, except as modified by local rules of the courses and Playday Committee.

Section 2. All competition shall be gross scores only.

Section 3. Competition shall be set up on the courses endeavoring to maintain the following averages - Rating 73.9/slope 133/ yardage 5600. Any additional courses added to the slate of playdays will be reviewed and approved by the Golf Course Assessment Committee to determine the appropriate tee selection.

Section 4. Players shall always be aware of the speed of play and shall keep proper pace with the field.

Section 5. All players will abide by the LAGA Hard Card Rules and notice to competitors as provided by the local Playday Representative for specific course exceptions.

Article VII – Texas Cup

Section 1. Participation

A woman who has been a resident of Texas for at least 180 days prior to the open qualifying date of Texas Cup, who lives in the North Texas section of the state per the Texas Cup boundaries, who maintains a handicap index of 10.4 or less and who is not currently on a high school or collegiate golf team or of professional status is eligible to qualify for the North Texas Cup Team. Players may qualify to participate in Texas Cup by either of the following two methods: 1) LAGA Rankings, or 2) Open Qualifying. The rules regarding each method are outlined below.

There are twelve positions to be filled on the Texas Cup Team. Participation in Texas Cup and Texas Cup open qualifying will be subject to approval by the LAGA Board of Directors.

Section 2. LAGA Rankings

The first six positions for the Texas Cup team will be determined by LAGA rankings. To be ranked, each player must have at least six eligible scores that are posted with the current Webmaster of LAGA during the qualifying period. At least three scores must be from LAGA playdays and only 3 scores from outside events meeting the minimum acceptable yardage of 5500 yards will be considered. The eligible scores are ranked according to the stroke differential. Eligible scores, the qualifying period, and stroke differential are defined below.

Section 2a. Eligible Scores

Eligible outside scores that must be played at a minimum acceptable yardage of 5,500 yards:

1. WTGA State Amateur Championship qualifying scores
2. WTGA Women’s Stroke Play Championship 3. WTGA Senior Stroke Play Championship 4. All USGA local and sectional qualifying events, as well as qualifying rounds or stroke play rounds at the tournament proper, including the following:

A. Women’s U.S. Open B. U.S. Women’s Amateur C. USGA Women’s State Team D. U.S. Senior Women’s Amateur E. U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur F. U.S. Women’s Senior Open 5. Texas Women’s Open 6. Southern Amateur and Mid-Amateur 7. Trans-National Amateur 8. North South Amateur 9. Southern Senior 10. North South Senior 11. Orange Blossom events:

A. Harder Hall Invitational B. South Atlantic Ladies Amateur (SALLY) C. Ione D. Jones/Doherty Championship

Each player must turn in attested scorecards to the current Public Relations Chair of LAGA from eligible rounds in a timely manner by the qualifying period deadline. Scorecards must show course slope, rating, and yardage played to be considered for Texas Cup eligibility. Minimum yardage for scores considered acceptable for Texas Cup is 5,500 yards. LAGA playdays must be set by May 30th in order for the LAGATM playday score to count towards Texas Cup qualifying.

Section 2b. Qualifying Period

The qualifying period shall include rounds from January 1 of the current year and an ending cutoff date prior to the Texas Cup open qualifying date. The ending cutoff date will be determined by the Board and communicated to the general membership by email, and set no later than two weeks before the open qualifying date. The cutoff date will change from year to year (since the Texas Cup dates change from year to year), and will be determined by attempting to give members the most opportunities possible to establish six low qualifying scores before the Texas Cup open qualifying date. All players are responsible for insuring accuracy of scores posted to the website; corrections must be made prior to the cutoff date for open qualifying.

Section 2c. Stroke Differential

Stroke differential is defined as the difference between the number of strokes taken and the USGA course rating. For example, if your score is 79 and the USGA course rating is 73.4, this yields a stroke differential of 5.6. Ties will be broken by comparing the differentials from each player’s most difficult course rating. If this still results in a tie, successively less difficult course ratings will be used until all ties are broken.

Section 2d. Replacements

In the event that any player who qualifies for the Texas Cup by the LAGA rankings system for one of the first six positions of the Texas Cup Team must withdraw before the Texas Cup begins, that team member position will be filled with the seventh position from the LAGA rankings. A second withdrawal will be filled by the eighth position, and so on. In summary, the first six positions will ultimately be filled only by LAGA rankings.

Section 3. Open Qualifying

The second six players for the Texas Cup Team will be determined by an Open Qualifying Tournament which requires an entry fee and will be held on the date selected by the Texas Cup Chairman. Players who wish to complete in the 36-hole tournament must register with the Texas Cup Chairman by the published deadline. The field will be open to a predetermined number of players to be set by the host golf course. If more than the predetermined number of players sign up for the Open Qualifying, then lowest handicaps will compete. The Texas Cup Chairman will serve as the 36-hole Tournament Chairman. Sudden Death will apply in case of ties for the six positions. Sudden death will also apply in case of ties to determine alternate positions.

Section 3a. Alternates

In the event that any player who has qualified by the Open Qualifying for one of the second six positions of the Texas Cup Team must withdraw before the Tournament begins, the replacement position will be determined beginning with the first alternate position from the 36-hole Qualifying Tournament and continue down the alternate list in numerical order to fill the second of six positions on the Texas Cup Team. In summary, the second six positions will ultimately be filled only by players from the Open Qualifying Tournament.

Article VIII – Amendments

These By Laws may be amended or altered at any regular or special meeting of the Association by a majority vote of the Membership present at such meeting and all received absentee ballots. Notice of the amendment must be given to all members at least two weeks in advance of the meeting. The vote shall be taken by written ballot. Absentee ballots will be accepted if received by the President prior to the meeting. The Board of Directors must first approve of such amendments as to form and content prior to being voted on by the General Membership.

April 7, 2021


The Rules of Golf as approved by the United States Golf Association and The R&A govern play. These Local Rules and Terms of the Competition are in effect at all LAGA play days and qualifying rounds. See applicable championship or qualifying round Notice to Players for modifications or additions to these Local Rules and Terms of the Competition. Complete text of the Rules and Local Rules may be found in the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf, effective January 2019.

Unless otherwise noted, the penalty for breach of a Local Rule is the general penalty.

Match Play – Loss of hole

Stroke Play – Two Strokes

Out of Bounds — 
Defined by the line between the course-side points, at ground level, of white stakes and fence posts.

Penalty Areas — When a penalty area is defined on only one side, it extends to infinity. When a penalty area is connected to the out-of-bounds edge, the penalty area extends to and coincides with out of bounds.

Ground Under Repair — Defined by white lines. French drains are ground under repair. Rule 16.1

Ground under repair may include areas of unusual damage, including areas where spectators or other traffic has combined with wet conditions to affect materially the ground surface, but only when so declared by an authorized member of the Committee. When immediately adjacent to an immovable obstruction, such an area is part of that obstruction.

Relief from Seams of Cut Turf — Local Rule as prescribed in Section 8 of the Committee Procedures is in effect. Model Local Rule F-7.

Immovable ObstructionsA) White lined areas tying into immovable obstructions have the same status as the obstruction and are not ground under repair. B) Landscaped or garden areas (flower beds, shrubberies or the like) completely encircled by an obstruction are part of the obstruction. C) Exposed liners in bunkers D) Where the outside edge (non-golf course side) of a road or path defines out of bounds, the road or path is an immovable obstruction.

Wood Chips and Mulch — Are loose impediments. 27

Integral Objects — Include cables, rods, wires and wrappings when closely attached to trees, and artificial walls and pilings when located within penalty areas. Artificial walls and pilings when used to define the margin of the bunkers are integral parts of the course and deemed to be in the general area.

Ball Deflected by Permanent Elevated Power Lines and CablesIf it is known or virtually certain that a player’s ball hit a permanent elevated powerline or cable during the play of a hole, the stroke does not count. The player must play a ball without penalty from where the previous stroke was made. See rule 14.6

Temporary Immovable ObstructionsCirculation fans are deemed to be temporary Immovable Obstructions. Local Rule F-23.

List of Conforming Driver Heads — Local Rule as prescribed in Section 8 of the Committee Procedures is in effect. Model Local Rule G-1.

List of Conforming Golf Balls — Local Rule as prescribed in Section 8 of the Committee Procedures is in effect. Model Local Rule G-3.

Staked Trees – If the lie of the ball, stance, and/or area of intended swing is interfered with by a stake that is attached to a tree, the stake/rope/wire is treated as an obstruction. Relief without penalty from the tree itself is not allowed. Rule 16.1

Damage by Non-Burrowing Animals – Local Rule as prescribed in section 8 of the committee procedures is in effect. Model Local Rule F-10

Pace of Play — See separate memorandum to players for pace of play policy, when applicable.

Stopping and Resuming Play — Local Rule as prescribed in Section 8 of the Committee Procedures is in effect. Model Local Rule J-1.

All practice areas are closed during an immediate suspension for a dangerous situation until the Committee has declared them open. Players who practice on closed practice areas will be asked to stop practicing; failure to stop practicing might result in disqualification.

An immediate suspension will be signaled by one prolonged airhorn note. All other types of suspension will be signaled by three consecutive airhorn notes. Resumption of play will be signaled by two short airhorn notes.

Practice — Prior to and after a round in stroke play, a player may practice on the designated practice areas. Rule 5.2b covering practice in stroke play is modified in this way: A player may not practice on the competition course before or between rounds. Penalty for breach of Local Rule, see Rule 5.2.