About Texas Cup:

Texas Cup is the culmination of the LAGA season.  The twelve top LAGA players (as determined by playday score differential from 6 lowest rounds) play the twelve top players from South Texas in a Ryder Cup format for the prestigious Texas Cup.  The event currently alternates between North and South Texas.  Twelve players and two alternates qualify for the team. 

Participants on the team must be a Texas resident for at least 180 days prior to the open qualifying date, they must live in the North Texas Section of the State per the Texas Cup boundaries, and must maintain a handicap index of 10.4 or less and not be on a high school or collegiate golf team or of professional status. 

The first 6 positions on the team are determined by LAGA rankings and the remaining 6 positions and alternates are determined via a 36 hole Open Qualifying event.  Location of the qualifying event and Texas Cup tournament are determined by the Texas Cup Chair and the committee she selects to assist her. 

Contact: Anna Schultz by email at texascup@laga.org for more information or to sign up.